Lund, Sweden

Akutsjukvård för AT

Clarity in Emergency Medicine

The 2.5 day course Akutsjukvård för AT-läkare is offered to interns in Skåne, Sweden. The course focuses on scenario and practical skills training, and consists of:

  • Three resuscitation stations

  • Two differential diagnosis and decision-making stations

  • Acid-base disturbances station

  • Electrocardiogram station

  • Neurological deficits station

  • Procedural station 1: airway and breathing

  • Procedural station 2: circulation and immobilization

An article describing this course (Dryver E, Lundberg M, Olafsdottir I, Bergenfelz A. Väl godkänt till kurs i akutsjukvård. Läkartidningen 2015;112:DSRE) has been published in the Swedish medical journal.

As per request, the powerpoint presentations used to introduce the various scenario stations are available on this page, as well as a powerpoint presentation on acid-base interpretation.

1-Introduktion AA

2-Initialt omhändertagande AA

3-Sannolikhetsbedömning AA

4-Hjärtstopp AA

5-Neurobortfall AA

6-Syrabas AA

Acid-Base Interpretation