Lund, Sweden

Akutsjukvård för AT-läkare och BT-läkare

Clarity in Emergency Medicine

The course Akutsjukvård för AT-läkare/BT-läkare is a 3-day long scenario-based course in Emergency Medicine that is offered to all first year residents in Region Skåne prior to their clinical rotation in the Emergency Department. The course focuses on scenario and practical skills training, and consists of:

  • Three resuscitation stations

  • Two differential diagnosis and decision-making stations

  • Acid-base disturbances station

  • Electrocardiogram station

  • Neurological deficits station

  • Procedural station 1: airway and breathing

  • Procedural station 2: circulation

An article describing this course (Dryver E, Lundberg M, Olafsdottir I, Bergenfelz A. Väl godkänt till kurs i akutsjukvård. Läkartidningen 2015;112:DSRE) has been published in the Swedish medical journal.

As per request, the powerpoint presentations used to introduce the various scenario stations are available on this page, as well as a powerpoint presentation on acid-base interpretation.

1-Introduktion AA

2-Diagnostik & beslut AA

3-Initialt omhändertagande-1 AA

4-Initialt omhändertagande-2 AA

5-Övre luftvägshinder AA

6-Pneumothorax AA

7-Neurobortfall AA

Acid-Base-Interpretation Comprehensive