We are a group of emergency physicians working in Lund. Our goal is to spread ”lucem”, light or clarity, within the field of Emergency Medicine (EM). This site was launched in March 2014 for the benefit of the Swedish EM community. We have now translated most of the material into English and we hope that our site can be of use to emergency physicians and educators throughout Europe.


This site encompasses:

  • A description of our regional education program for residents and specialists in EM
  • A description of the Emergency Medicine Core Competences (EMCC) course
  • Checklists designed to help us manage patients in a safe and efficient manner
  • A description of research projects in EM


Your comments to help us improve this website are welcome!


Lund, April 2016

Eric Dryver

David Larsson

Arash Mokhtari

Ardavan Khoshnood

Ulf Ekelund