Lund, Sweden

Scenario Templates

Clarity in Emergency Medicine

The European Society of Emergency Medicine’s education committee recommends scenario-based training, and basing these scenarios on real cases [1]. This page provides templates to write your own scenarios based on the format used during our regional training sessions. This format is identical to the format used in the Swedish Specialist Examination in Emergency Medicine, the EMCC course, the SK-kurs Akutsjukvård för blivande akutläkare and the course Akutsjukvård för AT-läkare/BT-läkare. Use of the same formats allows for the possibility of a shared scenario databank.


Resuscitation Scenario

Template resuscitation LUCEM EMCC

Template resuscitation checklist LUCEM EMCC



Diagnosis and Decision Scenario

Template likelihood case LUCEM EMCC


Acid-Base Scenario

Template blood gas LUCEM EMCC


EKG Scenario



Neurology Scenario

Template neuro LUCEM EMCC


Neonatal Resuscitation Scenario

Template neonatal resuscitation LUCEM EMCC


[1] Dryver E, Prosen G, Garcia-Castrillo Riesgo L, Dodt C. European Society for Emergency Medicine viewpoint: the decalog of scenario-based training. European Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2020;27(1):2-4. doi: 10.1097/mej.0000000000000646