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Procedure Stations

Clarity in Emergency Medicine

Airway Procedures

The airway procedures that the EMCC focuses on are:

  • jaw-thrust, oropharyngeal airway, nasopharyngeal airway

  • laryngeal mask airway

  • endotracheal intubation

  • cricothyrotomy (stab-twist-bougie-tube method) and jet ventilation

  • management of foreign-body airway obstruction

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Breathing and Circulation Procedures

The breathing and circulation procedures that the EMCC focuses on are:

  • one- and two-person bag-valve-mask ventilation

  • chest tube insertion

  • intraosseous needle placement

  • generic Seldinger method


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Emergency Delivery and Neonatal Resuscitation

The EMCC includes practicing emergency delivery with various presentations:

  • normal presentation

  • shoulder dystocia

  • breech

followed by neonatal resuscitation

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Orthopedic Module

An orthopedic model focuses on the recognition and initial management of specific conditions, including joint and hand examination, reduction techniques for joint dislocations, femur traction splint.


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