Lund, Sweden


We carried out a multicenter, in-situ study of crisis checklists in four Emergency Departments in Southern Sweden. The study showed that access to checklists increased the percentage of indicated interventions performed during the first 15 minutes from 39% to 86%.

Dryver et al.  Medical crisis checklists in the emergency department: a simulation-based multi-institutional randomized controlled trial


We are preparing to perform a systematic evaluation of the clinical use of an emergency manual—a collection of crisis checklists—during team management of priority one patients in the resuscitation room of Lund’s Emergency Department.  The study protocol has recently been published.

Dryver et al. Clinical use of an emergency manual by resuscitation teams and impact on performance in the emergency department: a prospective mixed-methods study protocol


The Emergency Manual is currently under development.  The latest version can be reached through the link below.  Please note that the Emergency Manual is currently NOT ready for clinical use and that Emergency Manuals need to be adapted to the local environment and introduced to personnel before being implemented in clinical practice.

Emergency Manual

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