Lund, Sweden

Resuscitation Stations

Clarity in Emergency Medicine

The resuscitation stations focus on the initial management of critically ill patients in all age groups, both in the ED and in the out-of-hospital setting. Each participant gets to act as team leader once during each station and as team-member during the other cases. Specifically, the sessions focus on:

  • Team priming according to a so-called ”Sign-In” (an adapted version of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist Time-Out organized according to the SBAR format)

  • Team communication according to ”closed-loop”

  • Performance of a generic ABCDE

  • Interpretation of bedside tests (blood gases, EKG, ultrasound videos)

  • Recognition and initial management of critical syndromes (e.g. hemorrhagic chock, diabetic ketoacidosis, serotonin syndrome)

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