• Indicated in the patient with decreased ventilation.
  • Caution is recommended in the setting of severe facial or eye trauma, foreign material (e.g. gastric content) in the airway. There are no absolute contraindications.


  1. Prior
  • Choose a mask of the correct size (cover the patient’s nose and mouth but not the eyes)
  • Chose a bag of the correct size
  • Head in neutral or sniffing position, dentures (if any) left in place


  1. Procedure
  • Apply the mask to the face covering nose and mouth (one or two hand technique)
  • Lift the mandible using one hand (C-E clamp technique) or two hands
  • Ventilate using appropriate tidal volume, pressure and rate


  1. Post
  • Assess chest movements
  • Assess for air leak around the mask
  • Assess vital signs (e.g. SpO2%)
  • Assess for gastric insufflation, consider nasogastric tube