Lund, Sweden


Clarity in Emergency Medicine

Residents and specialists are scheduled to partake in 10 training days per year. Some of these days are devoted to taking the Swedish Specialist Examination in Emergency Medicine or to specific topics (e.g. Research). It therefore takes about 1.5 years to offer all 20 training sessions. The training cycle is then repeated with updated pretests and scenarios.

In our experience, scheduling training days is key in order to ensure physician participation. All doctors in the program cannot be absent from clinical practice on the same day. Our solution has been to allocate physicians into three groups (fours as of the fall of 2020) and offer each training day on three (soon four) consecutive days during the same month.

Specialists in Emergency Medicine are scheduled to participate in these training sessions, since specialists need to:

  • maintain competence in the recognition and handling of serious, time-critical conditions that rarely present to the emergency department

  • maintain competence with the procedures that are seldom performed in the emergency room

  • remain up-to-date with new research results and the latest guidelines