Lund, Sweden

Akutsjukvård för blivande akutläkare

Clarity in Emergency Medicine

Akutsjukvård för blivande akutläkare is an SK-kurs (specialistkompetenskurs) that has been offered on a yearly basis to Swedish residents since 2007. The course promotes a systematic approach to:

  • the initial care of seriously ill patients in all age groups

  • probability assessment for time-sensitive conditions based on the patient’s chief complaint

  • interpretation of ECG, acid-base disorders and findings on neurological examination

  • performing selected therapeutic and diagnostic procedures

  • communication during teamwork

  • organisational principles during the initial management of major events

The course prioritizes scenario-training. The lectures used to introduce the different scenarios are provided here.

1-Introduktion SK

2-Diagnostik & beslut SK

3-Nivå 2 larm SK

4-Nivå 1 larm SK

5-Övre luftvägshinder SK

6-Pneumothorax SK

7-Neurobortfall SK

8-Organisation SK

Acid-Base-Interpretation Comprehensive