”Anticipation is key for goal-oriented behaviour. . . . Good pilots say ”Always fly ahead of your plane!”” Marcus Rall and Peter Dieckman


This checklist is indicated prior to the team management of a potentially critical patient. The purpose of the checklist is to prime to the team. The ”Sign-In” is an adapted version of the WHO (World Health Organization) Surgical Safety Checklist Time-Out organized according to the SBAR communication format.


  1. Situation
  • Team introduction (first name & profession)
  • Patient’s age & problem


  1. Background
  • Patient’s prior medical history
  • Current event (e.g. ambulance report)


  1. Assessment
  • Potential conditions?
  • Potential measures?


  1. Recommendation
  • Division of labor; need for extra personnel?
  • Suggestions from team-members?