SWESEMs (Swedish Society for Emergency Medicine) Education Committee has developed checklists for processes in Emergency Medicine to achieve alignment between the Swedish Specialist Examination in Emergency Medicine and clinical practice. These checklists are also meant as educational tools. An article published in the European Journal of Emergency Medicine describes the form and function of the Swedish examination and the role of the checklists (Dryver E, Eriksson A, Söderberg P, Kurland L. The Swedish specialist examination in emergency medicine: form and function. Eur J Emerg Med 2015;Aug 26). The LUCEM site provides a translation into English and adaptation of those checklists that are relevant to the Emergency Medicine Core Competences course.


The following section presents checklists for processes related to the initial team-management of potentially critical patients:





The following documents are templates for writing resuscitation simulation cases in English. The templates in Swedish are found on SWESEMs site.


Document for Sign-In

Documents ABCDE with and without cardiac arrest

Documents checklists